• Accurate Estimates – An estimate is an initial cost analysis of any repair or service.  If the repair is pretty straight forward, then the estimate shouldn’t change too much.  However on some jobs there are items that cannot be included, because they are unknown elements.  Such as rusted bolts, or damaged parts that were buried under other parts.  Estimates are built on information available at the time the estimate is developed.  This is why it’s important to collect as much information up front.

  • Timely Repairs – We acknowledge you have a life outside of vehicle maintenance and repair, so we strive to have your vehicle ready by an agreed upon promise time.

  • Complete Auto Care – Life gets busy, and your time is valuable.  Here at Northern Legacy Auto Care we are going to offer complete auto care.  This means if you have other services or needs for your vehicle, we would like to get that taken care of for you.  Just ask, and we’ll do our absolute best to get it done.  This way you only drop your vehicle off to one place, one time.

  • Educating Clients – You are our primary focus.  We want to earn your trust, and give all the information you need to make an informed decision about your vehicle.