prepare vehicles for the colder months ahead

Good morning Everyone!

We are already coming to the end of August for this year. It is time to prepare our vehicles for the colder months ahead. Being prepared for the ice and snow is not only safer, but makes everything just a little easier.

So, what are a few things you can do for your vehicle.

Replace your Wiper Blades –
The rubber blades tend to start stiffening or cracking during the summer months and they start leaving streaks on your windshield. Replacing the wiper blades will help keep your windshield clear.

Washer Fluid –
Make sure your washer fluid can handle the colder temperatures. We like to find one that can handle -20.

Check your tire tread –
If you have all season tires, be sure to take a good look before the snow falls. More tire and mechanic shops have a Tire tread gauge to make sure your tires are still at a safe tread depth.

Antifreeze flush –
If you have not replaced your vehicle’s antifreeze in some time, consider a antifreeze flush. Antifreeze slowly breaks down over time and loses its effectiveness.

Battery Cables –
Make sure your battery cables are clean and well connected. Cables can get corroded over time and can reduce your battery effectiveness.

Block heaters and Oil Pan Heaters –
These are really helpful to get your vehicle started in the sub zero temperatures. Especially if you are working with a Diesel vehicle. We typically recommend plugging in your gas vehicles once it reaches the negative numbers, and Diesels should be plugged in after is reaches the low twenties.

Stay safe on the roads and may you all having a fantastic day!

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